In partnership with Carbon Neutral, Australia & New Zealand Holidays is committed to planting one tree for every booking you make.

So far, Carbon Neutral have planted 440,000 trees, restoring more than 300ha of cleared land in West Australia.
With your help, Carbon Neutrals “Plant-a-Tree Program” aims to restore landscapes and reproduce natural ecosystems.

Why Plant a tree?

Woodlands and forests play a crucial role in cleaning and cooling the air. Their many gifts to humanity include acting as natural water pumps to reduce dryland soil salinity. These green pockets reduce erosion from wind and water, recycle nutrients for agriculture and support habitats for wildlife.

More people than ever are traveling and seeing this amazing world. Australia & New Zealand Holidays is taking responsibility to promote ecotourism and minimise the carbon footprint of our travellers.

Together we can leave the earth in a better place than we found it.